At Southeast Survey, we provide a variety of services at a competitive price to meet your surveying needs. All of the surveys are computer drafted for consistency and so that updates can be made quickly and easily. Using advanced technology in both our field instruments and computer software, Southeast Survey is able to provide professional, accurate plats of survey. Below are descriptions and examples of our survey services:

  1. Residential Property Surveys - Residential property surveys are often needed when planning an addition to your home, building a garage or shed, putting up fencing or just to have the peace of mind knowing where your property lines are and that there are no encroachments on your property.
  2. ALTA/ACSM Land Title Surveys - ALTA/ACSM Land Title Surveys are commonly needed for residential and commercial properties for ownersip transfer or refinancing.
  3. Certified Survey Maps - Certified Survey Maps, which are also referred to as a "CSM", are needed when dividing a parcel of land into a maximum of 4 parcels.
  4. Staking Property Corners and/or Property Lines
  5. Legal Descriptions - We can create or help you understand legal descriptions for property boundaries, easements or quit claim deeds. A quit claim deed is a simple and cost effective way to transfer a part of one property to another, as long as they are adjoining.
  6. New Construction Property Surveys - These are needed when building a new home. We have been working with all of the Southeast Wisconsin counties for 25 years and know what is required to make getting your permit go smoothly. We also work hand in hand with your architect if needed to ensure proper house placement and elevations to avoid drainage problems.
  7. Grading Plans - Grading plans are often needed when building a new home or garage or just to solve an existing drainage problem on your property.
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